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The Salary of a Sign Spinner

If you've driven in a city during rush hour, you've probably seen signs spinners on busy corners. These spinners, also known as human directionals, spin and toss signs to draw attention to the company or product they've been hired to advertise. It's outdoor, physical work with odd hours, but it's a good fit for high school and college students and other folks who hate being chained to a desk.


Sign spinners are paid hourly. Rates start at $10 per hour and, with experience, you can earn $15 to $20 or more, especially if you're able to teach others to spin. Part-time or full-time work is available, with the majority of hours during the day at morning and evening rush hour when there's the most traffic.

Hiring Spinners

Business who are considering hiring sign spinners should expect to spend between $25 and $50 per hour per spinner depending on the experience and skill of the spinner. Businesses of all types hire spinners, including apartment complexes, condominium and home developers, wireless companies and music video producers. Spinner advertising companies are in cities throughout the United States and overseas.

Cons of Spinning

Some cities have banned spinning as being dangerous and distracting to drivers; Huntington Beach, Riverside and El Cajon are three California cities that have enacted a ban. Turnover is high, given the relatively low starting pay and physical nature of the work. Some school districts in California no longer provide work permits to students under 16 for sign spinning work out of concern for their safety. However, California allows those under 16 to work part-time with a work permit.

Other Benefits

Sign spinning companies offer raises to employees that are reliable and spirited. Companies also run contests and provide incentive pay when spinners excel. One of the largest spinning companies, Aarow Advertising, sponsors an annual contest where its top spinners across the country compete. Other benefit offerings, like health insurance, vary from company to company.


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