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How to Become a Mitsubishi Dealer

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To become a Mitsubishi dealer, you must be licensed by your state to sell new cars and have a franchise agreement with Mitsubishi. Once you're set up to sell Mitsubishi vehicles, you'll be able to serve your community by making sure that quality cars are available at the prices you think are fair.

Contact your zoning authority and check to be sure that your location is clear to sell new vehicles.

Sign up for an account on the Mitsubishi Dealer Prospectus website (see Resources) that allows you to access the forms you'll need to start your application. You'll have to provide your name and residential information, along with the area in which you'll want to sell Mitsubishis.

Fill out the interest forms and speak to your local representative when he calls you. If you're interested after hearing what he has to say, attend a meeting to discuss the start up costs, responsibilities, liabilities, and benefits of becoming a Mitsubishi dealer.

Create a franchise agreement with Mitsubishi Corporate that allows you to sell vehicles as a New Car Dealer. You'll be responsible for moving a certain number of cars off the lot each year and will have to pay up front for the cars that you buy in most cases. Be sure that you can afford the start-up costs before signing the contract.

Apply for your New Car Dealer License through your Department of Motor Vehicles. You will have to show proof of a surety bond, proof of zoning permissions, proof of an appropriate location and sign, and proof of your franchise agreement with Mitsubishi. Once your license has been approved, you'll be cleared to sell Mitsubishi vehicles.


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