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How to Get a Street Performer Permit

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How to Get a Street Performer Permit. Street performances are an exciting part of city life, and choosing to become a street performer could be your ticket to fame. Many famous artists got their start as buskers, an industry term for street performers, and you can too. You need just two things: an act and a street performer permit.

Check the local government website of the area you plan to perform in. Often, these sites have information on the cost and limitations of a street performer permit. They also will list contact information.

Stop by city hall. In most cases an application must be filled out and sometimes photo identification or a picture is required. If there is a license fee, you will have to pay it at this time.

Check if there are restrictions on your type of performance. Applying to play something like bagpipes could mean that you have to audition. Several cities have made auditions mandatory after disastrous performances, so be prepared to demonstrate your skill if necessary.

Ask if there are any banned materials or materials that require special reviews or approval. If you are using any potentially dangerous substances in your act, you might have to schedule a safety review with the city. Note that this could delay the issue of your permit.

Make sure all minors are properly regulated. Entertainers under 18 may be required to obtain a child performer permit. There are special conditions associated with child performer permits in most cities. Authorities may require you to start a trust account and the student to maintain good grades.

Don't lose it. After you've received your street performer permit, make sure you keep it. Don't block traffic or pedestrians, keep your permit visible at all times when performing and comply with all city regulations to ensure that you can continue to perform.


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