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The Average Salary of an Exam Monitor or Proctor

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An exam monitor, or proctor, is an impartial individual who administers and supervises individuals, usually students, during examinations. The proctor ensures the security and integrity of the entire exam process. While salaries of exam proctors vary greatly based on things such as a company's size, location, the type of industry, and test expertise level, the job is typically a part-time position or a way for supplemental income. According to Simply Hired, the average annual salary for full-time exam proctor jobs is $27,000 as of 2011.


An exam monitor in a higher education setting is usually a graduate teaching assistant. Outside of higher education, qualifications may include specific education and training on the exam materials, computer systems, and even knowledge of human behavior and performance. An exam proctor is usually not part of the instructional team for the course or test being administered. Proctors may, however, have a working knowledge of the course work. Proctoring an SAT test is a part-time position that is typically available only to adults with a high school diploma. Usually, it's not necessary to have scored well on the SAT or even have taken the SAT to be an exam proctor.

Average Income

According to a May 2010 salary report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for graduate teaching assistants, who typically serve as exam proctors, was $34,660. Salaries for exam proctors in the private sector in 2011, according to Simply Hired, vary throughout the U.S., averaging around $31,000 for full-time positions in California; $25,000 in Utah; $28,000 in Illinois; and $32,000 in New York.


The main responsibility for an exam monitor is to administer the test. Additional duties may include setting up the testing room, checking photo identifications before and after the exam, informing examinees of any rules for the exam, ensuring no copies of the exam are made, and securing (collecting and possibly mailing) the exam upon conclusion of the test time period.

Speciality Tests

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For the SAT, ACT and other academic exams, the job usually requires availability on weekends as most pre-college and academic tests are administered on Saturday mornings. The pay can vary, with Simply Hired giving the average SAT proctor part-time salary at around $20,000.


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