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How to Get a Job Proctoring an SAT Test

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Proctoring an SAT test is a part-time position that is typically available only to adults with a high school diploma. Usually, it's not necessary to have scored well on the SAT or even have taken the SAT to be an exam proctor. The job usually requires availability on weekends as most SAT tests are administered on Saturday mornings. The pay can vary, with Simply Hired giving the average SAT proctor annual salary at $20,000.

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Contact local schools in your area that administer the SAT test each year. Sometimes the individual schools are responsible for hiring proctors. If the schools in your area hire proctors, ask to have your name put on the list of proctors. If you know someone that works at the school, ask them to get you on the list as well.

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Work as a SAT tutor at Kaplan or The Princeton Review. The tutors are often asked to be exam proctors in the surrounding area. There may also be some independent test-prep companies, such as Revolution Prep, in your area that also select test proctors from their tutors.

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Go to the website of companies that administer the SAT, such as and, to apply for an open proctoring position. Some companies, such as Pearson Education, may refer to the proctoring position as a test administrator position. Look under the “Careers” or “Employment” section of each website.

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Look at the job ads for SAT proctor positions. Sites like and often have job postings for SAT test proctors. Search your area on sites like these to see if anyone is looking for SAT test proctors.