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How to Become a Test Proctor for the Praxis Exam

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Being a test proctor for Praxis exams is a great way of earning extra money. It is not a stable job but it pays an average of $25 an hour for a few hours of work on a Saturday. The extra income is great considering you only work a few hours, once or twice a month. Most Praxis exams are administered at local colleges. Becoming a test proctor for the Praxis exam will require you to know who to contact.

Visit the Praxis test site (see Resources) and look for the date and location of upcoming Praxis exams. Click on the first letter of the state where you live and locate the nearest test center.

Call the local college administering the test. Ask to speak with the Career Center. Ask them if they need a proctor for the upcoming Praxis exam. If the Career Center does not handle the Praxis exam staffing they will notify of who does. If they do need a proctor, they will most likely have you come in for an interview before the actual exam.

Apply online directly with Educational Testing Service (ETS). They are the company that grades and administers the test (see Resources.) On rare occasions, ETS will have proctor job postings that are part-time positions. The part-time positions are mostly only in major cities where the Praxis exam takes place almost daily. The part-time positions pay less than the temporary proctor positions but you will work more hours.


The Career Center of the college you called might also have other proctor positions available for other exams. Certain college Career Center will not hire anyone who is not a student of the university or an alumni.