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A Job Description for an Exam Invigilator

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Exam invigilators, or exam proctors as they are also known, are responsible for overseeing an examination at a school or college. Usually employed on a casual basis during examination periods, invigilators ensure the exam begins on time and that students have the correct equipment in order to complete the exam. Invigilators are employed directly by the college or school.


There are no formal entry requirements required to become an exam invigilator. Some are members of the local community who are seeking part-time work and others may be part of a related field such as a graduate student who is assisting to earn extra money. Training is provided by the school or college, although it could prove beneficial if invigilators have worked with students or in a school setting previously.


Exam invigilators should conduct themselves in a professional manner. As teachers are not always present during the exam, invigilators should have a sense of authority. Working well with others, especially students, is required. Invigilators should have the ability to take and give instructions, be good communicators and have good numeric and literacy skills.

Day-to-Day Duties

The duties of an exam invigilator involve preparing examination rooms before students enter. Invigilators are required to give out examination papers, give instructions to students, ensure that the exam starts and finishes on time and check that all unauthorized items such as cell phones are cleared from desks before the exam starts. It is also the responsibility of the invigilator to ensure the exam is conducted fairly and that no student is cheating.

Additional Considerations

Exam invigilators ensure that students are aware of the examination conditions before the exam starts. The invigilator should ensure that no cheating or communication takes place during the exam. If students are found cheating then the invigilator must follow the procedure set by the school to deal with this. Usually this requires the invigilator to ask the student to leave the examination room and complete a report.


Schools and colleges usually employ exam invigilators during busy examination periods. According to, the average annual salary for an exam invigilator in June 2010 was $17,000. However, exam invigilators are often employed on a casual basis and work when required by the school. It is possible to work as an invigilator for several schools and colleges.


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