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The Average Salary of a Tech Journalist

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The growth of technology means that more people have an investment in learning about the latest advances and products. Tech journalists are specialty writers who combine an ability to present facts clearly with an understanding of one or more types of technology. A tech journalist's earnings depend on factors such as the employer, field of technology and experience as a writer.

Average Earnings

Writers, including tech journalists, earn a median annual salary of around $43,000, according to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some make less than $28,000 a year, while others earn in excess of $100,000 annually. Editors, who oversee other tech writers and may produce content of their own, earn similar salaries.


Tech journalists work for a variety of types of employers, which is one of the major factors in determining salaries. Many are self-employed freelance writers, producing tech-oriented articles for websites, magazines and newspapers on a per item basis. This means that the tech journalist's pay depends directly on the availability of work. Other tech journalists work as full-time staff members for publications with frequent needs for tech content, such as product reviews, buying guides and news stories.


What sets tech writers apart from other types of journalists is their expertise in the field of technology. Some general tech journalists cover everything from smart phones to the latest scientific advancements and research. Others focus on specific areas such as consumer electronics, environmental tech or space exploration. Tech journalists with expertise in tech subjects that publishers and readers want are in highest demand.

Tech Journalism Candidates

Most tech journalists come to the field from one of two backgrounds. Some have a formal education in journalism and a personal interest in the field of technology. Such writers need to follow new technology developments and learn the science behind the stories and products they cover. Others have a background in technology, having worked for a tech company or in technology product sales. These writers need to develop their writing skills to produce high quality journalism, but their expertise is valuable to the profession.

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