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Creative Designer Job Description

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A creative designer is someone who uses design skills to promote a company, or its products and services. Publishing, broadcasting and advertising companies employ creative designers. Creative design positions include graphic designers, industrial designers and multimedia artists. Some creative designers specialize in artwork for publications or websites, others in product packaging and some in sets for video and film productions. Creative designers play an important role in helping a company build an identity and remaining profitable.

What do Creative Designers do?

Creative designers implement their own ideas or build on ideas generated by clients, creative directors or marketing and advertising managers. Commercial creative designers make graphic design art for businesses that need design elements for logos, product packages or marketing materials. In the electronic arena, creative designers create banners for web pages or graphics for television broadcasts. In the advertising and publishing industries, creative designers make graphics used to complement or illustrate articles or ad layouts. Seasoned designers often can transfer their skills from one field to another.

Creative Designer Skills and Qualities

Since creative designers often interact with creative teams, managers and clients, they need strong communication skills. To maintain a wealth of current ideas, they must stay abreast of current trends in products, the arts, entertainment, marketing and advertising. Creative designers must possess good organization and analytical skills and have expert knowledge of creative tools such as graphic design programs.

Creative Designer Education Requirements

Most companies seek creative designers with at least a bachelor’s degree. Coursework for a creative design degree can include graphic design, art history, creative writing, web design, marketing, advertising and communication. While education plays an important role when seeking a creative designer job, employers also look for candidates who have strong portfolios of past creative accomplishments. Companies looking for contract workers typically detail the level of education and experience they need in their freelance designer job description.

Job Outlook for Creative Designers

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), creative design job opportunities should grow by 4-8 percent, through 2026. Designers working in multimedia and animation will have the most opportunities. Creative jobs in the print industry, including book and newspaper publishing, are expected to decline by more than 20 percent. Nonetheless, graphic designers working in computer-based industries such as web design and computer games, should see an increase in job opportunities by as much as 20 percent.

Creative Designer Salaries

In 2017, creative designers earned a median income of around $49,000-92,000, according to the BLS. The median income represents the wage in the center of an occupation's pay scale. Graphic designers took home the lowest incomes, while art directors earned the highest wages. Software companies and video and film producers paid the highest salaries.


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