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Salary for a Creative Consultant

Creative consultants generally devise original methods of presenting something in a positive manner such as products, people or services. They are typically advertisers and promotions managers, but creative consultants may also be scriptwriters. Creative consultants typically work long hours and earn high salaries.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the employment of creative consultants to grow by 13 percent from 2008 to 2018. This growth rate is about average in comparison to all occupations during this time period. The need to promote a growing number of products will continue to drive the employment of workers in this occupation. The specific employment growth of creative consultants in a particular industry generally reflects the growth of that industry.

National Salaries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides salary data for creative consultants throughout the United States. These workers earned an average annual salary of $90,720 in 2010. The bottom 10 percent had average salaries of $41,480 per year, and the bottom quarter earned $56,820. The middle half of advertising and promotion managers made $83,890 and the top quarter of these workers earned an average of $122,570.

Industry Salaries

Creative consultants earned the highest annual salaries with electronic goods wholesalers, where they made an average of $140,710 per year. Computer system services provided the next-highest salaries for creative consultants with averages of $132,590. Creative consultants working for securities and commodity brokerages earned $127,920. Advertising and public relations services paid creative consultants a salary of $121,560 per year on average.

Geographic Salaries

New York is the state with the highest salaries for creative consultants with an average of $142,330 per year. New Jersey follows with average salaries of $125,920 per year. Creative consultants in Massachusetts earned an average salary of $116,940 per year, those in Michigan made $111,120, and those in Minnesota averaged $109,930.


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