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What Jobs Can I Do If I Can Draw?

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The image of the starving artist can deter many students from going into careers in the arts. However, there are many jobs that use creativity and artistic ability. In particular, there are many jobs that require a talent in drawing.

Book Illustrator

Tens of thousands of books are published each year and most of them require drawn illustrations. Children's books are especially likely to need many imaginative and lively drawings. You can either work directly for a publisher or work as a freelance artist for individual authors. Working as a freelancer will mean experiencing ups and downs of income based on your network and potential client base.

Product or Set Designer

Drawing artists can be employed to create rough or detailed sketches of products for engineers. Those can be used to make presentations to investors or team members for presentations. In addition, artists can be used for theater or film set design. They work closely with directors to put their ideas down on paper to show to producers, investors or company executives for approval.

Art Teacher

Art teachers are employed for elementary, middle, high school and college classes. Depending on your skill level and education, you can pursue this occupation based partially on your drawing skills. You must also be able to relate to children, have student teaching experience and have a teaching certificate and degree.

Tattoo Artist

Tattoo parlors need skilled artists with training or sufficient experience to draw without making the slightest mistake. A good artist can charge a significant premium because nobody wants to see a permanent blemish on their skin. Tattoo artists must have some customer service skills and be extremely hygienic. Some tattoo artists work independently and must have general business skills.


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