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The Average Salary of a Part-Time Emissions Vehicle Inspector

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Vehicle emissions technicians are expected to have a two- or four-year degree, plus certification from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence or a state program. If you plan to work just part time, you likely will receive an hourly wage. The average part-time salary in this job is around $8 to $15 or $16 an hour, but it can vary depending on several factors.


Your experience can greatly influence your salary as a part-time emissions inspector. More experience often means more money, but employers don't always tell you what you'll be making when you first apply for the job. It's best to make sure your resume accurately reflects whatever experience you have, then pick out a few strengths you can point out during the interview. A good first impression might help boost your paycheck.


You can work for state entities or private companies, car dealerships or auto manufacturers. Where you decide to work ultimately will decide how much you get paid. You also may want to consider benefits other than salary. For example, some jobs offer excellent medical, dental and retirement plans; other jobs may offer you paid time off. Check all the industries that are available before you apply to an emissions job.

Hours Worked

The Department of Labor doesn't have any laws concerning exactly how many hours a week equals part time, so your exact wage will depend on where you work. If you are working part time, chances are you will be working only a few days a week. If you want to earn more than part-time wages, consider asking to be put on full time or try looking for a second job.


Where you decide to work can have a huge impact on your salary, as well. Many companies offer "competitive wages," which means they offer an appropriate wage compared to similar jobs in the area. It's possible that relocating can earn you more money, but you might want to try looking around to see for yourself what the average wages are in your area. This will prepare you to ask for more money during an interview or see if you've been getting paid better than average.

More Information

If you'd like to investigate more into a career as a vehicle inspector, try contacting the following agencies:

National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (703) 669-6600

Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association (202) 296-4797