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Benefits of Working the Night Shift

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Many people see the night shift as a last resort. Sleeping during the day and working through the night has its disadvantages, particularly in regard to your health and social life. However, there are some benefits to working the night shift if you can adjust to the unnatural schedule.

More Money

The National Health Service Employers website, a body that represents national health workers in the United Kingdom, highlights one key benefit for night shift workers: higher earnings for employers. Due to the disruptive nature of night shift work, employers will often pay staff more for working these unsociable hours. You may well be rewarded with greater pay if you are willing to work the night shift.

Greater Freedom at Work

Night shift workers often work alone or alongside a skeleton staff. That often means less hierarchy within the work place and fewer people telling you what to do. Being able to work without a boss constantly looking over your shoulder gives you a greater sense of freedom and independence.

Avoid Meetings

Staff meetings are often an important part of a work schedule. However, they can be notoriously stuffy and dull. You will probably experience fewer of these meetings if you work the night shift.

Fewer Distractions

Working at night is a good way to avoid distractions that keep you from getting your job done. “One of the biggest advantages to becoming a night shift nurse is working in a calmer environment,” says the MD Health Network website. The same is often true for other types of night shift work. Fewer clients and fewer phone calls mean you can get your work done quickly and calmly.

Promotion Opportunities

The likelihood of getting promoted sooner is greater when working the night shift since there are fewer people to compete against, says Tara Weiss in an article for If you become accustomed to working the night shift you may find greater opportunities for advancement.

Child Care

Night shifts tend to disrupt family life. However, according to Forbes, night shift work can work well for “employees who need to care for their children during the day instead of shelling out big bucks for a babysitter.” As long as you get enough sleep to do your job well and without risking your health, you may find that the extra daytime flexibility fits in well with your family schedule.

Less Traffic

The night shift makes rush hour traffic a thing of the past. You will be able to get to work faster and won’t have to waste time sitting around in traffic jams. You may also be able to save some money on transportation costs and avoid the stress of being late for work due to traffic congestion.


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