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Disadvantages to Working the Night Shift

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As many companies operate 24 hours per day, there are jobs that require night or graveyard shift employees. Although it is true that working in night shifts has advantages--higher pay and less supervision--it also has several disadvantages.

Health Concerns

Working the night shift poses health concerns primarily because the brain is programmed to sleep at night. Since the sleeping pattern is disturbed or totally altered, the body feels tired. These adjustments undertaken by the body can also cause stress. More importantly, graveyard shifts can cause irregular heartbeats and even heart attacks since people’s susceptibility to heart diseases and heart attacks are vastly increased because of the increase in stress.

Diverted Life

Although working the night shift is fairly prevalent for some, most people don’t work during the night. More often than not, people who work on night shifts alter their normal activities and their time with family and friends because they sleep in the morning and work in the evening.

Career Stall

While some may consider less supervision during the night shift an advantage, it can also be a factor for a less competitive working atmosphere. It is possible that night-shift employees will not be as competitive as those who work daytime shifts. In addition, less supervision means less visibility from administrators; therefore, the chances of having the benefit of thorough performance evaluation, as well as career promotion, might be stalled. Lack of a competitive environment may also affect the employee's professional work ethic and may result in career stagnation instead of development.


Many night-shift jobs don't include the luxury of coworkers. Because the majority of these jobs are normally quiet and secluded, the added stress of not working with others can be a detriment.


Although security is rarely an issue, there are still more risks associated with working during late hours. Traveling late can also be a factor, depending on the area where you live.


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