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The Advantages of Part Time Employment

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Part-time work might be synonymous with lower paychecks and a higher degree of unpredictability, but the less-grueling work schedule has a few things going for it. From awarding you more time to spend with the ones you love to bolstering your resume for future employers, you might find the advantages of part-time employment outweigh the disadvantages.


Part-time work provides you with greater flexibility than you'd have pushing close to 40 hours or more a week at your job. If you're a student, or thinking of going back to school, the fewer hours at work can enable you to invest more time in your schoolwork so you can obtain your degree. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, a part-time job will allow you to focus more on your business plan and getting your idea off the ground. Working less also enables you to spend more time with your family, which can be especially rewarding if you've spent much of your career overworked.


If you're on unemployment, you may continue to receive partial unemployment benefits while working a part-time job. Continuing to receive benefits might save your budget from going out of whack. Suppose you have kids or your job requires a long commute; working less can keep you from racking up child care bills and dealing with excessive fuel costs. Part-time benefits vary for each state. Some count wages only after they exceed a percentage of your total weekly benefits while other states take off a percentage of benefits for each day worked. Nabbing a part-time job also usually extends your benefits.


Part-time opportunities give you insight into a company and the field in which you're working. They can prepare you for full-time opportunities, giving you experience which can translate into a stronger resume and better opportunity for landing the job you really want. Beyond strengthening you as a candidate, part-time jobs also enable you to decide if the field of work is something you truly want to pursue.

Keeps You Working

In a job interview, you want to stand out in a good way. A gap in your employment history can keep you from doing that. As human-resources professional Cynthia Wright points out, such a gap can call attention to your resume during an interview. Although you can work around the problem, it's better if you can remain employed, even if it's part-time.


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