How to List an Externship on a Resume

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Unlike internships that can last several months, an externship is typically a short-term job shadowing experience that lasts for a week or a few days. While you won't have time to delve deeply into the job, it can give you some experience and show that you're committed to learning as much as you can about a particular career.

Be Honest

If you have limited work experience, adding an externship to your resume can definitely add some "pad." It's not just fluff, however – it's actually something that shows you've taken initiative.

Add to Work Experience

A typical resume starts with your work experience near the top. Under that, many recent graduates elect to add a section titled "Internships," "Work-Related Experience," or in your case, the section can be titled "Internships and Externships." Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne's Career Services office recommends that students list the externship, and then create three bullet points that describe the skills or training you received during the experience. Like you'd do with other internship experiences, include the name of the business and the exact dates of the externship above the bullet points.