How to Find a Summer Job in a Hospital

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How to Find a Summer Job in a Hospital. If you have any interest in a health care career, think about working in a hospital over the summer. Here's how to find a job.

Decide what kind of job and what area of health care you're interested in. Think about your experience and interests. If you have any prior medical or hospital work experience or training, keep that in mind.

Look for hospitals in your area, or, if you're willing to travel, in other areas. Research them online and visit job sites. If you want to work locally, go to your local hospital and find out who to approach about jobs.

Send a résumé with a brief, comprehensive cover letter. Emphasize any skills that fit the job you want. For example, if you want an administrative position, highlight any computer or organizational skills and experience you possess.


Since many of the college students who work at hospitals during the school year go home for summer break, you may have luck finding summer positions in college towns.


If you don't have prior medical or hospital experience, it may be hard to get a hospital job. Consider starting out in a department of the hospital that would not require medical experience, like the food services department.