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Questions for Interviewing Housekeepers for Hotel Jobs

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Housekeepers are employed in hotels, motels and holiday resorts to clean and maintain rooms. Housekeepers in a hotel also clean public areas and often come into contact with hotel guests. Interviewing for any job can be a stressful experience, but anticipating questions and preparing your answers can help you feel ready for the interview.

How Would You Handle an Angry Guest?

Difficult customers are a part of any job in the hotel industry. As a hotel housekeeper you may meet guests when entering rooms or cleaning public areas. When answering this question, give an example of how you have dealt with a similar situation in the past and how the issue with the guest was resolved.

What are the Most Important Skills for a Good Housekeeper?

A housekeeper needs the ability to work solo and as part of a team. Knowledge of health and safety is also required when using cleaning chemicals that must be stored and used properly. Attention to detail, high cleanliness standards and good communication skills are also essential hotel housekeeper skills.

What do You Know About the Housekeeper Position?

The employer is looking for evidence that you know about the hotel and what the position entails. The interviewer wants to know that the job meets your expectations. Answer honestly, tell the employer what you know about the job based on information in the job advertisement and your research on the hotel. Ask questions about the position to expand on your knowledge of the role.

What Previous Experience do You Have as a Housekeeper?

Use this question to highlight all the relevant skills you have for the job so that you can show the interviewer how you match up with the requirements for the job. Answer by stating specific tasks in your previous employment that are relevant to this position such as answering guest questions, cleaning rooms, refilling soap dispensers and sorting linen.

How Long do You Spend Cleaning a Room?

Everybody answers this question differently depending on previous experience. Don't just tell the interviewer how long you take to clean a room, tell him what you do with your time and how you work to complete the job in an efficient manner.


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