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The Average Salary of a Driving Instructor

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Although many Americans take their ability to get behind the wheel and drive themselves around for granted, it’s a skill everyone had to learn. Drivers commonly take a combination of classroom and practical instruction before they test for their driver’s license. Driving instructors provide lecture and hands-on instruction for drivers who want formal instruction or receive insurance benefits for completing a classroom instructional course.

Average Salary

Driving instructors may expect to earn salaries between $23,500 and $37,025 annually as of December 2010, according to PayScale. This pay range encompasses driving instructors employed by school districts to provide driver’s education courses to high school students as well as those employed by private driver’s education schools. This figure may be for part-time employment as well.

Commercial Driver's License Instructors

While most driving instructors specialize in teaching teens and adults the basics about driving passenger vehicles, some specialize in teaching courses required to obtain a commercial driver’s license. These instructors work for companies that train truck drivers in the operation, handling and legal requirements for highway trucking, and offer classroom as well as practical instruction for their students. Commercial driver’s license instructors earn average annual salaries of $33,000 as of December 2010, according to Indeed.com.

Salaries by Location

Driving instructors who work at full-time positions may earn above the national average for the position, and those employed in some cities have a much higher potential to earn above the normal wages. Driving instructors who work in Boston and Chicago receive the highest average annual salary as of December 2010 -- $52,733 and $57,396, respectively, according to Salary Expert. Those employed in Phoenix earn the smallest average wages, with annual earnings of $32,205. Six of the 10 cities reporting earnings had salaries between $40,510 and $44,432.

Hourly Wages

If a driving instructor isn’t employed as a full-time, salaried employee, he may receive pay on an hourly basis. Driving instructors earn hourly wages that range from $12.11 to $17.07 as of December 2010, according to PayScale.com.