How to Get a Bartending License in Georgia

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You don't need a bartending license to work as a bartender in Georgia, but taking a course and getting certified will improve your chances of finding a bartending job. Licensing will also make you more in demand at higher quality places of employment, such as fine restaurants and high class hotels. Take a course for bartenders to become more knowledgeable in the field and make yourself more appealing to prospective employers. In Georgia, the minimum age to sell and serve alcohol is 18.

Complete a bartending course. Apply to bartending schools such as ABC Bartending School, which has locations in Marietta and Duluth, Georgia. Pay the $100 fee to take the course. Courses are also available online, including the Georgia Responsible Serving Course.

Develop good people skills. Learn how to start conversations, be friendly and make people feel comfortable. Learn good listening skills. Customers like to talk to the bartender while they sit at the bar and enjoy their drink.

Learn how to check IDs properly and how to identify someone who has been drinking too much. Know what your responsibilities and liabilities are as a bartender. Learn how to mix all types of drinks and serve them properly.

Take and pass the test at the end of the course. Receive your bartending license to work in the state of Georgia.


Stay up to date with information on local entertainment and sporting events, and maintain a list of phone numbers for the nearest hotels and taxi cabs. Customers often seek such information from bartenders.

Jokes are a great way to break the ice with new customers.


Regularly check the Georgia Department of Revenue, Alcohol & Tobacco Tax Division for new and revised regulations.