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How to Become a Bartender in Indiana

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Bartending is a lucrative profession for those who enjoy people and don't mind working long hours on their feet. Mixing drinks is just a small part of being a bartender. A bartender in Indiana must also know the rules and laws that apply to drinking in the state, as well as understand what to look for in an intoxicated person and know when to stop serving. Bartenders also work closely with servers and kitchen staff and should be well-organized team players.

Know the difference between a restricted permit and an unrestricted permit. Restricted permits apply to those who are 19-20 years old, and unrestricted permits apply to those are 21 and older. The minimum age to be a bartender in Indiana is 21. All future bartenders must successfully completes an Indiana State Alcohol and Tobacco Commission (ATC). Those who receive approved server training program can serve alcohol in a dining area of a restaurant, but they cannot be a bartender.

Apply for an employee permit to serve as a licensed bartender. The application is available for download through the ATC website or by calling the ATC's employee permit section. Certifications to become a licensed bartender can now be completed online, so be sure to gather all of your options.

Complete an approved server training course within 120 days of your employment. Before submission, be sure you qualify for the job. Limitations such as an OWI or DUI charge within the past 10 years may affect your acceptance. If fully qualified, submit the application with the appropriate fee to the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission.

Apply to a bar of interest, and serve the perfect gin and tonic. Maintaining a personable and outgoing demeanor will ensure great success for this job.


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