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How to Become a Bartender in Texas

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As a bartender your job is to mix drinks and pour beers for your customers. And while the steps to earning a bartender certificate in Taxas are fairly simple, actually landing a job that pays well may not be. When applying for a job as a bartender, look your best. Memorizing drink recipes and adding some flair while you work will entice prospective employers and garner better tips from customers.

Complete the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission's (TABC) seller training courses. While the training is not legally required in the state of Texas, according to TABC, employees look favorably on those who have completed the training. The seller training courses focus on the Texas state laws that apply to bartending. There is no minimum age requirement to attend the seller training courses. The training can be completed on line or in a school.

Obtain a certificate from bartender's school. You can attend classes on line or in a class room. While a certificate is not required to serve alcohol, you will have a better chance at gaining employment if you have one. There is no minimum age requirement to attend bartender school. In school you will learn to mix a plethora of drinks.

Apply for a bartender job. During the interview process you will be asked to mix several drinks. Memorize popular drink recipes before going to the interview. An employer doesn't want to hire someone who has to constantly look up recipes. The legal minimum age to serve alcohol in the state of Texas is 18.