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How to Become a Bartender in Connecticut

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Several bartending schools in Connecticut offer certification upon completion of their programs, and also provide job placement assistance for graduates. You must be 21 or older to attend a bartending training course and serve alcohol in Connecticut. By successfuly completing one of these training programs you can begin working as a bartender in a matter of weeks.

Connecticut does not require its bartenders to be licensed, but you must be 21 or older to serve alcohol in the state. One way to prepare for a career in this field would be to take courses at one of the bartender training institutions in the state, such as the Connecticut School of Bartending in Norwich or the Bartenders Academy in Waterbury. The former offers Professional Bartending/ Mixology and T.I.P.S. certification that can also be useful in other states that may require licensing. The latter school offers the Techniques of Alcohol Management certification, also useful in other states.

Take advantage of job placement programs offered by the schools described above. Each institute has relationships with area nightclubs, restaurants, hotels, casinos, private clients, and event planners who have bartending openings.

Check classifieds in local newspapers and online sites to find places in need of bartenders. Also consider visiting bars of your choice on a walk-in basis to fill out applications and inquire about openings. Visit the bars at times when they are not busy; you may run into an owner or manager who may interview you on the spot.


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