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How to Tell a Company How You Qualify for the Job

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Telling a company exactly how you qualify for a job should be one of your key goals when searching for a new position. By putting pertinent information in your resume and cover letter and by presenting yourself as a knowledgeable candidate in an interview, you can let a company know that you have a deep understanding of the business and that you have the skills and experience to add value to the company.


Learn what a company expects from an ideal candidate and answer directly to those needs. Study job postings to learn about desirable work experiences and skill sets. For higher level positions in fields such as finance and law, request informational interviews in which you can learn about a company's history and regular work process. One mistake that many job candidates make is to list too much information on their resumes to show how varied their skills and experiences are. As a result, they appear overqualified for a position or even unfocused. This can make an employer believe that a candidate will leave as soon as another company offers a position that's a better fit.


Don't assume potential employers will understand the relevance of the past experience you list on your resume and describe in an interview. Even if you are applying for a job in a field in which you've worked for years, connect the dots between your past and the position you want. List relevant skills clearly on your resume and reiterate these same skills during interviews. For example, if you are applying for a position in which you will deal with confidential information, describe past responsibilities in which you were trusted by employers.


Use references who will speak positively about experiences and skills you have that are relevant to the sought after position. If you are applying for a management position, it might not work in your benefit to list references who will verify that you are an excellent collaborator. Instead, you want references who can show that you are a great coordinator, that you are responsible, and that others in the workplace respect you.


When it comes time for the interview, be ready to ask a series of questions that show you have the right concerns to make you a valuable member of the team. By using relevant terminology and bringing up topics of interest that a company might be concerned with, you can show that you are qualified. An interviewer might ask you how you would handle certain hypothetical situations to learn about your frame of mind. This would be a good time to talk about your own take regarding industry issues.