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Standards for AIAG Labels

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There are many types of AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) labels that are printed with regulated barcoding which is used for shipping and automotive parts.


AIAG labels provide consistency of industrial documentation in the manufacturing industry, without errors.

AIAG B 10 Label

The AIAG B-10 Label enables a user to specify part numbers, quantities of items, supplier codes, serial numbers, lot numbers, purchase order numbers and supplier lot numbers for printing on labels.

Global Standard

The AIAG B-16 provides the label design for the the transport of both data and goods in the global supply chain. Standards include block and sub-block content data identifiers and scanning guidance.

Printing Solution

Nice Label is a company that offers high-volume printing for mobile phones, desk-tops and enterprise usage. In addition, Nice Label serves as a standard, certified printing solution for AIAG labels.