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Types of Metal Working

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The construction and manufacturing industries employ a variety of metalworkers. Metalworking jobs are classified by the types of products the work produces or by the process employed by the metalworker.


Welders use heat and electricity to permanently join together pieces of metal for use in manufacturing items, such as automobiles and other vehicles, as well as in construction. There are many types of welders, including arc-welders, brazers and solderers.


Like welders, cutters employ heat to work with metal; however, cutters are responsible for dismantling large metal structures like boats, vehicles and bridges.

Tool and Die Makers

Tool and die makers use a variety of tools to precisely cut and drill metal in order to produce parts for machinery used in manufacturing.


Machinists use pressers, grinders, milling machines and lathes to shape metal into parts and tools used in equipment, such as engines.

Metalworking Machine Operators

Metalworking machine operators set-up and operate equipment used to shape and assemble metal products, such as bending metal parts for auto bodies or adding screws and bolts. Machine operators are responsible for supervising the work of the machine to ensure that it meets the specifications outlined in the blueprints.


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