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What Do You Say During an Interview When Someone Asks Why You Are Unique?

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Employers look for potential employees who have a combination of experience, education and unique qualities to fill a position. With so many applicants applying for the same job, it's important to make yourself stand out during the interview process. Plan what you are going to say about your abilities before you show up for your interview. With preparation, you can provide the interviewer with the best idea of who you are and what you have to offer the company.


Study everything about the company beforehand. If the business has a website, read everything you can about the history of the company and the people who work there. You will learn a lot about an organization from the traits of the individuals they hire. Find out what the current goals are and what types of employees they usually look for. Ask about the prior person who filled the position. Find out why she left or was let go. Your research can help you formulate your answers to the questions the interviewer may ask.

Provide Examples

Think about your best qualities that set you apart from others. Build your answer on those qualities and provide specific examples. If you are a high-energy employee, explain that you do not like to leave for the day until the job is complete rather than watching the time clock. Other qualities might include excellent problem solving skills or intelligence. With every quality, provide specific details and examples on why this makes you unique. Try to think outside the box. It's easy to say you are a people person and you handle responsibilities. Salisbury University suggests the best way to show you are the right person for the job is through passionate examples.


Interviewers are sometimes more interested in how confident you are when you answer the question than on the answers themselves. The Ladders, an online job matching service for professionals, suggests management looks for someone who is passionate and enthusiastic with their responses. Stumbling with your answer could signify a lack of self-esteem and self-awareness. Be prepared with concise and creative answers, which could include three words you use to describe yourself, a favorite personal quote, your personal philosophy or what you have a passion for.


Avoid making up qualities or embellishing on qualities that you do not possess. If you have trouble with planning and prioritizing tasks, don't tell the interviewer how organized you are. If he asks, explain you are a poor planner but you have taken steps to help you overcome that. Demonstrate your to-do list on your phone and a calendar that helps you remember important events. Don't provide the interviewer with all of your career baggage, but be proud of your experience and what it can bring to the table.