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The Effects of Poor Time Management Skills

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Whether at school or in the workplace, effective time management skills are an important part of achieving success. People who manage their time effectively are more productive, less stressed, more positive and more in control than those who do not. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to identify the effects of poor time management skills whether in yourself or in others.


Poor time management skills inevitably lead to procrastination. Procrastination is putting off important or necessary work until the very last minute. Usually, when work is put off until the last minute, it is not as well done as it would have been if you devoted more time to it. Procrastination usually leads to poor productivity when you do not complete tasks in a satisfactory manner.

Habitual Lateness

Another effect of poor time management skills is habitual lateness. People who do not plan their use of time properly usually have a difficult time being on time to appointments or turning in work at the scheduled due date. This habitual lateness can also negatively affect their productivity and give them a reputation of being less serious or lazy even when that is not the case.


Poor time management also leads to people overextending themselves, which is a problem that occurs when they take on too much work and do not allocate enough time in which to complete it. People who overextend themselves have a difficult time delegating tasks and figuring out what is a good use of their time. Since they are not aware of how much time they need to complete a task, they also tend not to know when they are taking on too much work and setting themselves up for failure or frustration.


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