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Sales Trainer Job Description

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The sales trainer's job is to ensure that all sales professionals have thorough knowledge of the product, can effectively use closing skills, overcome objections, and use consultative selling techniques. The trainer should be considered a resource for the entire sales staff, as well as the sales managers and team leaders. The sales trainer should conduct ongoing training for all skill levels, including basic sales skills, as well as advanced sales techniques.


The duties of the sales trainer are to plan, conduct, coordinate and implement a comprehensive training program for the sales staff. The training components will be geared toward new hires, existing sales staff and sales professionals who seek one-on-one assistance.

Many sales trainer positions are full-time positions. Often, when the trainer is not conducting formal seminars, he should be accessible as a resource for sales professionals to seek help for additional training.


The sales trainer must have five or more years of sales experience with a proven track record in general, and should have at least two years of experience in sales in the same industry as the company. The trainer should also have experience in teaching sales techniques to others.

Presentation Skills

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The sales trainer should have excellent presentation skills, as well as the ability to motivate, teach and inspire the sales staff.

Proficiency in Microsoft PowerPoint is not mandatory but encouraged. Presentations should include handouts, and be well organized and professional. Some presentations will require that the trainer facilitate role playing, as well as other types of discussion and participatory seminars.

Program Development

The sales trainer is expected to develop a training program that is unique to the organization's goals, values and mission statement.

The program should be continually monitored for effectiveness and suitability to the sales team, the economy, the demographics and the competition.

The training program should include skills that will enhance the sales staff productivity: closing skills, consultative sales skills, overcoming objections, product knowledge and writing contracts.


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The sales trainer will act in a professional manner at all times while in the office.

While sales professionals have strong personalities, and the camaraderie among the staff is very close, it is necessary for the sales trainer to remain professional and not partake in crude banter or tell lewd, inappropriate jokes.


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Compensation of the sales trainer position is open to negotiation. Please state desired salary when submitting resume.

Compensation will be a base salary plus performance bonuses, which will be based on productivity of the sales staff.

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