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How to Get a Job at Pepsi

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While Pepsi is a household name, you might not be so familiar with its parent company, Pepsico. In addition to Pepsi, the Pepsico family includes more than 20 other brands, such as Lay's, Tropicana and Quaker. You can apply for a job with Pepsi through the Pepsico website, In addition to posting jobs on the website, Pepsico also uses social networking to spread the word about current job openings.

Applying for the Job

The basic job qualifications vary, depending on the specific position. Some jobs, such as merchandise supervising, require only a high school diploma or GED. Other fields, including sales and accounting, require a bachelor's degree and at least two years experience working in the field. PepsicoJobs clearly states the minimum requirements, preferred qualifications and necessary skills for each job. If you are suited for a job, you can complete the application and submit your resume online.

Interview Process

Depending on the job apply for, Pepsico may contact you for an interview via telephone, webcam or face-to-face. Although leadership skills are essential for all positions, Pepsico also seeks team players. Pepsico encourages you to be yourself. Let your personality shine through during the interview. You also may want to research Pepsico and its brands. Pepsico recommends gaining some company knowledge by reading Pepsico's annual report or browsing the brand websites, such as


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