Salary of an Entry-Level Project Scheduler

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A project manager is responsible for scheduling a sequence of events to ensure that a project is completed smoothly and within budgetary means. However, scheduling and planning are only one phase of a project manager’s job, as he must also coordinate the production phases and supervise employees associated with the project. An entry-level project manager is not paid for scheduling alone, but is given a salary that reflects all of the work associated with any given project. The given salary for this type of worker is also influenced by the given profession, as project schedulers and planners are found in the office and in the field.

Entry-Level Construction Scheduler

A construction manager is responsible for scheduling, planning and operating a construction project on behalf of a company or client. The process includes developing designs, hiring outside resources and overseeing trade contractors dealing with plumbing or electricity, for example. The starting salary may fall between $24.16 and $40.32 per hour, as these are the median figures presented by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. These figures provide an entry-level annual median salary between $50,240 and $83,860.

Entry-Level Salary Influences

The entry-level salary income for a construction scheduler or planner is influenced by the location of the construction work and the industry, where the scheduler performs work. Planners working in the nonresidential building construction industry earn $94,170 annually, while specialty trade contractors earn $91,620 on average. These figures indicate that the entry-level salary may be slightly higher in the nonresidential building industry compared to the specialty trade industry. In addition, those working in Texas earn less than those working in California, indicating that the entry-level may be higher in California.

Entry-Level IT Scheduler

Project schedulers and planners working in a company’s office are responsible for coordinating, planning and executing production. Examples of these workers include computer project schedulers or IT managers. The median entry-level salary for office production managers falls between $34.34 and $55.67 per hour, depending on the company’s demand for the worker or prior experience. This is an annual entry-level salary of $71,420 to $115,780.

Entry-Level Salary Influences in IT

The entry-level salary income of a computer or office project manager and scheduler may vary, depending on what industry the planner works in and where he is employed. Those working in colleges, universities and professional school settings earn $100,710 on average, while computer systems design and related services provide $133,450 in average annual salary. Although these are averages, the industry differences indicate that the entry-level salary may be higher in computer design industries than academic institutions. In addition, computer production planners earn $141,410 in California, while those working in Illinois earn $113,720 annually. This indicates that entry-level salary figures may be higher in California compared to Illinois.