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Resume Objectives for a Receptionist

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Receptionists are the first point of contact for customers, clients and other important people, so many businesses take care to select the best candidates for these positions. To stand out over your competitors when vying for a receptionist job, your resume must sparkle. Opening with an objective that displays why you are the best person for the spot may move you to the top of the list.


An exemplary employment history may be the most significant qualification to have when seeking a receptionist job, as most people in this position learned their skills on the job. If you have no specific experience working as a receptionist, you may wish to focus on relevant experience you gained in other positions. To show your work as a customer service representative, your objective can be: "Seeking an opportunity in which experience handling multiple phone lines will effectively support an administrative team."


Although most employers hiring receptionists require no more than a high school diploma or equivalent, higher education that pertains to the field or business in general can give you a leading edge. Similarly, if you are a recent high school graduate with little or no job experience, you can call attention to relevant education. An objective stating, "To obtain a receptionist position where my education in office administration and business machines will foster an efficient workplace" can put you in the running.

Special Skills

Employers often receive a slew of applications, so they may browse objectives before deciding which resumes to review. Including any above-average knowledge or talents you possess that relate to the position in your objective can attract a hiring manager's attention. Your objective can read, "A position where a typing speed of 120 wpm and a 10-key speed of 13,000 kph will help the team reach crucial deadlines."


Your personality, combined with friendliness, tact and communication skills can help you become a successful receptionist. Highlighting your best applicable traits within your resume objective can show a potential employer that you're an ideal candidate. Your objective can state, "To obtain a receptionist position where my above-par speaking and listening skills, genuine personable nature and professional attitude will make a positive impression on behalf of the company."