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Receptionist Strengths

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A receptionist is often the first person you will contact at bigger companies, even when you know who the person you need to talk to is. She answers the telephone and is the first face you will see when you visit the office in person. Her behavior and demeanor are externally reflective of the organization and her role is crucial in giving you a good first impression of the company. She makes sure that guests and clients feel welcome, and that general public members can get the information they need in a timely fashion.

Pleasant Personality

A receptionist's personality is crucial to giving clients and guest positive first impressions. He must be able to complete his tasks such as answering telephones, routing calls and greeting visitors in a courteous and professional manner. He must be helpful and considerate when responding to inquiries and provide accurate information about the organization. A genuine smile is a simple, yet very effective way of showing a pleasant personality and making an enthusiastic first impression last. Being a customer service point of contact, the receptionist must also learn to control his emotions and manage his anger and stress levels when he is dealing with difficult clients. He must always react with in a calm and diplomatic manner.

Strong Communicator

Being an active listener, a clear communicator and understanding complex written documents are communication skills a receptionist must possess. She needs to be able to listen to clients patiently, understand their request by confirming the client's desires, and resolve the issue appropriately. When giving out information and directions, she should use clear and simple terms so that the guests, clients and colleagues understand easily. Working with a variety of processes and procedures, she also needs to understand written communication from a variety of work-related documents.


Depending on the size of the company and the complexity of the receptionist's role, he may have a high number of people who depend on his reliability and ability to fulfill multiple obligations. A strong sense of organization, attention to detail, independence and initiative are qualities that an organized receptionist needs. A receptionist who takes on multiple responsibilities and challenges and meets all his deadlines and job requirements will be known as a reliable and dependable worker inside the company.


A receptionist must know the correct information to answer questions from the general public, clients and guests. Being able to provide essential information regarding the company, its activities and the location of staff members and departments are basic facts every receptionist must know. Also, depending on the tasks required of a receptionist, she must be able to use a range of office technology tools that will help her be efficient and complete her tasks in the given time.


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