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Resume Objectives for an Event Coordinator

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Event coordinators work under the direct supervision of event planners and help prepare for upcoming events, such as weddings, business conferences, parties and fundraisers. They prepare facilities, order food, decorate the facilities and ensure sound equipment and stage lights are available. Most important, they oversee activities on the day of the event to ensure equipment functions properly and activities run smoothly. Because event coordinator responsibilities vary from one event to another, your resume objective statements must be broad enough to cover all the bases, but specific enough to prove you are qualified for the job.

Organizational Abilities

An event coordinator must think through the details to ensure there's sufficient seating, plenty of food and drinks, and enough staff to assist guests with their needs. Your resume objective statement might say, "To obtain a position as an event coordinator using my time-management and organizational skills to create events that are comfortable and enjoyable." Or, "Seeking an event coordinator job where I can use my planning strategies, detail-oriented strengths and excellent customer service to host events that entertain and inspire guests." Keep your resume objectives to one or two brief sentences and place them below your name and contact information.

Communication Strengths

Event coordinators meet with event planners to discuss the dates, times, expected attendance, refreshments, decorations and stage needs for events and conferences. Event coordinators at small organizations often meet with clients or customers directly to discuss the logistics. You must have strong communication skills so you can discuss possible menus and seating options. Your resume objective might say, "Energetic, friendly, event coordinator seeks position planning, hosting and overseeing weddings, conferences and holiday parties."

Budgeting Skills

There's always a money side to event planning. Clients usually have specific budgets they must adhere to, so event coordinators must provide cost options that satisfy those limitations. As a result, they must research expenses and evaluate costs for labor, food, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, decorations, live flowers, linen laundering and special equipment. Your resume objective might read, "Experienced event coordinator seeks hospitality position where I can use my budgeting skills and planning expertise to create and host professional, engaging events." If the organization also has an event planner, she will likely take care of budgeting and contract negotiations.

Originality and Creativity

Some clients want event coordinators who have creative ideas on how to make events fun and enjoyable. They might want weddings or holiday parties that have specific themes, such as a fairy tale wedding or a beach-theme New Year's celebration. As a result, event coordinators must have a repertoire of suggestions and a portfolio of ideas to satisfy their clients' expectations. Your resume objective might say, "Creative event coordinator seeks position where I can use my visionary ideas and leading-edge solutions to create one-of-a-kind weddings, events and conferences."