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A Good Objective to Put on My Resume if I Want to Work With Children

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Employers sift through piles of resumes, picking the few that stand out. Creating one of those standout resumes is a challenge. You must be concise and specific about skills and qualifications, while conveying a sense of competence. Resume objectives are important because they are typically the first thing a potential employer reads. Objectives for a job working with children should be job-specific and clear, highlighting exactly why you are the best candidate for the job.

Career Goals

Consider your long-term career goals. Determine where you see yourself in the company in five years and what specific goals you intend to accomplish during your first year with the company. Do you already have the necessary skills to reach those goals, or will you need more training, experience or education? Write an objective that reflects the skills you possess to help you reach your career goals.

Highlight Skills

Include specific skills that would make you indispensable to the company. Avoid listing skills that would not be needed for the position you are seeking. A list of skills that is too broad or vague might give the impression that you do not understand the position you are applying for or you do not have a genuine interest in the company. Valuable skills for working with children include teaching and coaching experience, grant-writing skills, drama skills and an educational philosophy promoting individual learning.

Be Specific

Objectives should be job-specific. Each resume needs to be tailored to the exact position you are applying for. A position working with first graders would warrant different skills than a position coaching an after-school sports program. Include the exact job title you are seeking, and let the employer know how you would benefit him.


The following objectives would be appropriate for an applicant seeking a position working with children:

To obtain a position as a second-grade teacher that will utilize my seven years of teaching experience and allow me to work on an educational team.

Seeking a caregiver position with supervisory responsibilities enabling me to use my early childhood development knowledge.

To secure a position as an after-school program coordinator that will allow my organizational skills and love for children to shine.


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