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What Is a Good Objective for an Activity Director?

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An objective statement is a valuable addition on an activity director's resume because it quickly and concisely identifies job goals. Objective statements are only one or two sentences long but they help human resource directors route resumes to the right departments. Activity directors have a wide range of responsibilities, but their main goal is to create safe events that entertain, inspire and energize participants.

Enthusiastic Approach

Activity directors must be creative in designing events, games, competitions and social gatherings that entertain clients and guests. They work for cruise lines, campgrounds, fitness centers, youth organizations, senior-citizen facilities and hospitals to create daily, weekly and monthly activities. On your resume, just below your name and contact information, include an objective statement such as, "Seeking an activity director position that uses my creativity, social awareness, enthusiasm and energy to plan and host community events." Or, say, "Obtain a position as an activity director using my ingenuity and creativity to host events that challenge and entertain participants."

Organizational Skills

Planning, organization and preparation are key elements to hosting successful events. Activity directors must prepare indoor and outdoor facilities, purchase and organize supplies, create sufficient seating and organize staff to supervise events. Your resume objective might say, "To secure a position as an activity director using my organizational skills, detail-oriented strengths and effective planning style to host events," or, "Looking for an activity director position where I can use my skills to engineer, organize and facilitate a wide range of musical, artistic and recreational activities."

Safety First

Activity directors must always consider safety first and ensure that activities are age-appropriate and well-suited for children and adults. They must make sure there are no fire hazards or hazardous conditions, and participants are well-supervised. In some cases, such as youth camps, activity directors must ensure students wear life preservers or protective headgear and follow all rules and guidelines. Your resume objective might say, "Seeking an activity director position using my event planning strategies to organize safe, fun and age-appropriate activities," or, "To obtain an activity director position where I can use my training and experience to host events, always making sure participants engage in safe practices."

Leadership Strengths

Activity directors are leaders, so it's their responsibility to ensure that trained staff are available to help with art projects; supervise sporting events; facilitate recreational activities; and address emergency situations. Creative ideas and fun events are only effective as long as activities are well-supervised and workers are prepared to assist participants as needed. Your objective statement might read, "Looking for an activity director position where I can use my leadership strengths and communication style to direct, supervise and oversee events and train staff to do the same." Another way is to write, "To secure an activity director position where I can use my administrative abilities to orchestrate, coordinate and supervise community activities and train staff to help meet participants' needs."