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Restaurant Supervisor Duties

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Restaurant supervisors have many duties, as they are accountable for everything that happens at the workplace. These duties include ensuring food is prepared in time for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, keeping customers happy and adhering to the safety standards of their restaurants. If you are a restaurant supervisor, you will also have other key duties on your shifts.

Hiring and Training

Restaurant supervisors hire crew members, waiters, chefs, food preparers and shift managers for their restaurants. They ensure that employees complete the necessary paperwork, including the completion of Forms I-9s and W-4. An I-9 is a "Employment Eligibility Verification," which shows whether an employee can legally work in the United States, according to the IRS. W-4 forms determine the amount of taxes to be deducted from employees' paychecks. You also train restaurant employees to use cash registers, to apportion the proper amount of ingredients for menu items and how to store food to prevent spoilage.

Overseeing Operations

Restaurants must operate with high degrees of efficiency, especially during lunch and dinner rushes. The restaurant supervisor oversees the process while simultaneously ensuring food quality, service and cleanliness standards are maintained throughout shifts. One way you operate efficiently is by scheduling enough workers to handle busy periods. You may also send people home during slow periods to keep labor costs down. Restaurant supervisors also must follow opening and closing procedures. They must make bank deposits and get cash and change for register drawers before the restaurant opens, and must clean, store food and disassemble steam tables and fryers at closing time.

Ordering and Managing Inventory

A restaurant supervisor must order food, beverages and supplies to avoid running out of these items. Out-of-stocks result in sloppy service and missed sales. You may use a computerized inventory system that tells you when and how much to order. Your responsibility is to monitor inventory reports and order when necessary. Supervisors also ensure that employees use older foods first to avoid exceeding expiration dates. One way to accomplish this is by stocking older items in front in walk-in refrigerators and freezers.

Building Sales and Profits

The ultimate responsibility of restaurant supervisors is building sales and profits. Efficient operations and keeping customers satisfied and coming back help to build sales. But you may also deliver food for school lunches, use food carts or trailers at community events or fairs and provide delivery service to businesses in the area. Restaurant supervisors also build sales and profits by distributing fliers and advertising in coupon magazines distributed to area residents.

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