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How to Reschedule an Interview Gracefully

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You've been job hunting for months and have finally landed an interview for the job of your dreams. And then, boom. The flu bug hits you like a ton of bricks or you get roped into dealing with a family emergency. The thought of missing the important date might quickly give you a sinking feeling, but if you act quickly and professionally, you should be able to reschedule the interview without much hassle.

Decide if the reason you feel you must miss the interview is acceptable or not. Career advice website Snagajob lists legitimate reasons for missing an interview as being sick, having a family emergency or dealing with severe inclement weather, such as a blizzard on the day of the interview. An unacceptable reason for missing the interview is because it interferes with your social life.

Contact the person with whom you booked the interview as soon as you realize you need to reschedule it. In some companies, this person will be the interviewer, while in others it will be the interviewer's assistant. On its website The Job Pyramid, Pyramid Consulting Group recommends calling to reschedule the interview instead of sending an email. Explain the situation, apologize for the inconvenience and arrange a new interview date and time during the conversation. If necessary, leave a detailed voice message and continue calling until you reach the person.

Send a follow-up email to the interviewer to reiterate your reason for missing the interview and express your excitement at meeting the interviewer during the newly rescheduled interview. The Job Pyramid website recommends a follow-up email to show your professionalism and attention to detail.


CBS News suggests considering the schedule of the interviewer. If the interviewer is frequently away from the office and finding a mutually agreeable time for the interview was a drawn-out process, avoid rescheduling the meeting unless absolutely necessary. University of Pennsylvania Career Services says that canceling and rescheduling an interview should be your last option. If you're sick, for example, contact the interviewer to explain your predicament. If the interview still wants to meet you, show up as planned -- but carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with you. When you attend the newly scheduled interview, convey your appreciation for the interviewer agreeing to reschedule the meeting.