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What Do I Do If I Forgot the Time of My Job Interview?

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If you forgot the time of your job interview, don't panic. According to a 2011 article in The New York Times, one of the immediate ramifications of acute stress includes impaired short-term memory -- which means the more you worry over forgetting, the harder it is to remember the time.

Check Your Email

Check your email to make sure the details aren’t in your inbox. Schedulers often send confirmation emails to interviewees to verify the time and location of the appointment. If you don’t see the message in your inbox, check your spam or junk folder just in case.

Check Your Notebook

See if you have any notes from when your interview was scheduled. For example, think back to where you wrote the name and location of the company, or any directions or special instructions. Perhaps you wrote down the time of the interview as well, without realizing it. Look through your notes to be sure.

Clear Your Mind

It’s possible that you’ve panicked into forgetting due to stress. Try to calm down and relax. Close your eyes and practice deep breathing. Reassure yourself that this problem can be solved. Often the answers we’re seeking come to us when we stop focusing on how badly we want to remember. Go for a long walk or watch your favorite television show to take your mind off the interview. The answer may come when you least expect it. According to a 2012 article written by Laura Blue for, human brains re-play information introduced previously, provided they are given down-time to relax.

Memory Tricks

Try using a mnemonic device to tap into your memory if you still can’t remember. A 2014 article published on says that associating a visual image with a word or phrase helps you to remember that information. Think back to where you were when you confirmed the time of the interview. Where were you sitting? What was the time of day? What were you looking at? Recalling the details your brain recorded at the moment of the interaction might help you recall the specific info you need.

Call & Ask

Call or email the company to get the time of your interview, if all else fails. If you aren’t sure which to try first -- between calling and emailing -- use the method of communication used by the person who scheduled your interview. If you don’t speak to them directly or hear back within 24 hours of your interview, attempt contact again. When communicating, use responsible sounding language. Don’t say, “I forgot, when is my interview?” Instead say, “I’m calling to confirm the time.”


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