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How to Reply to Employer Feedback on Job Applications

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Getting a response from an employer is a game of patience and skill. You should tailor your resume for the position with keywords from the job posting and write a short , strongly worded cover letter. If you do well in an interview or even sometimes before an interview, an employer may offer feedback on your application. Your response should be prompt and courteous, and it should address the employer’s feedback directly. Take the critique seriously to improve your job application package.

Read and reread the feedback several times to understand every facet of what the employer is discussing. If the comment relates to your resume or cover letter, open these as you read the feedback so you can refer to the documents. Resist the urge to reply outright if the feedback mentions gaps in your work history or queries about salary. Instead, offer to discuss these matters further.

Compose a grammatically correct reply thanking the potential employer for the feedback. Be sure to highlight specific points that you believe you could improve upon or are proud of. Your reply should be courteous and appreciative that the employer took time to comment specifically on your application. According to CNN Money, the employer likely received at least 30 other applications for the position you applied for.

Reply promptly. You don't need to send a response within an hour of receiving the feedback, but you should respond quickly enough to capitalize on the impression that you left. Take as much time as you need to formulate a thoughtful response and reread your writing carefully before you hit the send button. Remember to always be professional and courteous.


Network as much as you can to see if you know anyone that works at the company you're applying to.

  • Network as much as you can to see if you know anyone that works at the company you're applying to.

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