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Qualifications for a Management Resume

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Resumes are a main form of communication between employers and job applicants. They are used to showcase what you bring to the table for a position and to let employers know how you can serve their companies. The qualifications section of a resume is where you list specific skills and accomplishments in your field. As a manager, your resume can list accomplishments in supervising people and balancing customer needs with administrative duties to fulfill the qualifications area.

Supervising Staff

As a manager, one of your main duties is to supervise your staff. When a new employer is scanning down your resume, he'll likely look for evidence of how well you manage staff members. Use numbers to specify the details of your experience working with others. For example, a sample qualification could read, "Motivated and retained a staff of 20 employees during an industry recession in 2006 as a manager for ABC company," according to

Satisfying Customers

If you've had direct contact with customers in previous management positions, highlight your accomplishments in this area. Without customers, most companies would not exist, so let the future employer know that you are capable of managing this area. Highlight those skills and experiences that specifically serve your new employer's business. For example, a customer-focused qualification for the retail industry would be, "Regularly and successfully handled customer complaints to attain the highest department service rating for 2009-11 at ABC Store," according to

Administrative Abilities

Paperwork and basic administrative functions are part of a management position. Managers may be in charge of hiring and firing and dealing with the required paperwork in those situations. Managers need to be well-rounded and strike a balance between their people and office skills. A sample qualification that would fit into this area is, "Filled out and maintained required monthly, quarterly and yearly reports for hiring all new staff in my assigned departments," according to Susan Ireland's Resume Site.

Innovating Ideas

A helpful quality as a manager is the ability to be creative and solve problems you face in your daily work life. Highlight any experience you have in developing new techniques and devising solutions to unresolved issues. Tailor your qualifications to the areas of business where you are applying. If you are seeking a non-profit management position, the qualification could read, "Developed a new job skills training program for the homeless in the surrounding communities," according to Susan Ireland's Resume Site.