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Words For a Resume For Policy and Procedures

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Using keywords is one of the best ways to make your resume stand out. The keywords should relate to the position you're applying for and be designed to give prospective employers the perception that you are qualified. Including keywords that pertain to a specific position can help give you an edge over someone whose resume lacks them.

Words That Show Initiative

A policies and procedures position typically requires someone who can initiate these policies and procedures. Keywords that show a prospective employer you can start projects effectively are: arranged, formulated, innovated, coordinated, developed, commissioned, defined and facilitated. Using these words can draw attention to your accomplishments regarding the initiation of procedures and policies with past employers.

Words That Show Teamwork

Employers look for a potential employee's ability to work well with others. A policies and procedures specialist is no exception. Words that show an employer you can work as a team include: collaborated, co-wrote, co-authored and assisted. Key phrases using these words include, "Assisted in developing an office relationship policy."

Words That Show Organization

A policies and procedures employee will need good organizational skills to develop and help enforce policies and procedures. Words used to make this element of your personality stand out include: structured, assembled, prioritized, localized and reorganized.

Words That Show Leadershp

Many policies and procedures employees are in charge of explaining policy to new employees, as well as enforcing the policies and procedures of the company. Words that characterize the ability to teach and enforce policy include: instructed, presented, spoke, lectured, moderated, managed and enforced.

Incorporating Keywords

Using keywords as frequently as possible in your resume to construct short action-orientated phrases can help show off your best assets. Phases such as "Enforced a policy regarding new employee training," and "Developed and employee handbook" are phrases that can make you stand out as an experienced policies and procedures professional.


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