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The Qualification Checklist for Marine Corps Recruiters

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The duties and expectations of Marine Corps recruiters are different from an operating Marine. A recruiter's role is selling the Marine Corps to civilians to encourage them to enlist or commission into the service. Recruiters' school provides training in communications, sales techniques and recruiting; however, recruiters must meet the rigorous qualifications for consideration of recruiting duty.

Physical Requirements

Recruiters must pass a medical exam within 12 months of beginning duty. Recruiting is a stressful job, so problems with hypertension, migraines or stress prevents a Marine from entering this career. In addition, a Marine must have good dental health and not need excessive dental treatments. Marines assigned to recruiting duty must meet all of the physical and appearance standards of the Marine Corps. This includes not having weight control issues or excessive tattoos or body piercings.

Mental Health Evaluation

Recruiters typically work 60 hours per week, with heavy interaction with the public. To ensure that a Marine is able to handle the workload and stress, he must pass a mental health evaluation. This begins with an interview to identify potential concerns. Marines with a history of post-traumatic stress, psychiatric treatment or prescription of psychotropic medications will undergo a professional mental health evaluation. Marines are not automatically disqualified based on these conditions.


Marine recruiting requires a stable family life and prohibits enrollment in marriage counseling or stress or anger management treatment. In addition, Marines currently involved in divorce proceedings are disqualified. Commanding officers consider the number of dependents of a potential recruiter. While there is not a set limit, if the number of dependents causes financial hardship, or if his dependents require excessive medical or dental care, this may disqualify the Marine from recruiting duty. Single parents must submit a childcare plan for consideration.


Marines must score at least a 90 on the general technical section of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) exam, required for entry into the Marine Corps. Marines must demonstrate a history of integrity and good judgment. Disqualification of a Marine from recruiting duty includes drug or alcohol related incidents, court martial convictions or a non-judicial punishment within the last five years.

Financial Responsibility

Financial responsibility is a qualifying factor for Marine Corps recruiters. A history of writing checks with insufficient funds, or excessive debt, disqualifies a Marine from recruiting. Recruiters do not always have immediate access to Marine facilities and resources, they face additional living expenses that Marines on a military base do not.


Finally, Marine Corps recruiters must speak and communicate clearly to the public. Recruiters speak to people of all educational levels on a daily basis. They must not have speech impediments and should clearly articulate thoughts to civilians. In addition, the Marine should be personable, comfortable working independently and meeting and talking to strangers.


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