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Whether unemployed or looking for a change, when you are seeking a new job, it pays to utilize as many resources as you can find. Along with searching job posting boards online and scanning newspaper want ads, becoming familiar with places that commonly offer employment assistance can help you pinpoint the perfect position for you.

Staffing Agencies

Employment agencies pair people seeking employment with employers that have open positions. Many employers use staffing agencies to help them find employees. The agencies do most of the legwork, from posting advertisements to reviewing resumes to performing interviews and background checks. Many agencies send employees to work temporarily for employers so that both parties can determine if the job and the worker are a good match.

Public Libraries

Some public libraries offer access to employment databases that are not otherwise available to the general public. Librarians can show you how to perform a search and how to utilize other resources as well. In addition, many libraries host free training meetings to help you improve your resume, dress appropriately for job interviews and maximize your employment search skills online. High school and college libraries often provide job search resources, as well.


Colleges, trade schools and even high schools often provide job search assistance to current students as well as alumni. Most schools have counselors or career specialists that local employers may contact when they have open positions. In addition, staff members of a school career center may be able to help you update your resume, craft a cover letter and practice answering interview questions to help improve your chances of obtaining a great job.

State Workforce Services

Each state provides workforce services that can help you find a new job. Although some assistance may only be available to people receiving other services, such as workers' compensation or unemployment benefits, many workforce offices provide job listing databases, resume assistance and training for basic employment skills to the general public. In addition, your state labor office is the ideal place to go when you have questions about labor laws, regulations or the job market where you live.