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How to Become a Homebound Teacher

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Homebound teachers instruct students who are unable to attend school. A student may require homebound services when dealing with a serious illness such as cancer or when recovering from injuries resulting from an accident. In some cases, students may be placed on homebound services if they have serious behavioral issues that prevent them from participating in a classroom environment. Some students may receive homebound services temporarily, while others may need homebound services throughout their school-age years. Homebound teachers need to familiar with varying disabilities, and they need to be able to accommodate each child's individual needs.

Complete a bachelor's degree in education. Consider pursuing a special education degree, since most students receiving homebound services get them through the special education departments of their school districts. Some school districts may require that homebound teachers to earn master's degrees.

Fulfill the requirements needed to become a certified teacher in your state. Requirements typically include the completion of an education program at a college or university, passing scores on a teacher exam such as the Praxis, and an acceptable background check.

Obtain and maintain a valid driver's license. Homebound teachers must travel independently to and from their students' homes.

Complete a few years of teaching experience within a school building. Since homebound teachers operate with minimal supervision, most school districts will prefer teachers with prior teaching experience in a supervised environment. Some districts may stipulate a certain number of years of experience needed for those who apply to become homebound teachers.

Inquire about homebound teaching jobs in your current school district, if you are employed as a teacher already. Otherwise, contact the special education department in school districts in your local area to inquire about possible homebound teacher positions.

Request a homebound position if you are already employed by a school district and if such a position exists. Otherwise, complete employment applications at other school districts that may need homebound teachers.


If you are already teaching and you know of a student who has been placed on homebound services, immediately contact your special education director and principal to let them know that you are willing to provide homebound services. Often, homebound teachers start off providing homebound services in addition to their regular teaching jobs. Eventually their experience may lead to full-time homebound teacher positions.


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