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How to Become a Teacher's Aide in New Jersey

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A teacher's aide may be responsible for a number of duties but primarily help school teachers and staff. Teacher aides are paraprofessionals, meaning that they are not licensed or certified teachers, but work with students under the supervision of a teacher. At times, a teacher's aide will work with academically struggling students to help them improve. In New Jersey, a person should hold an associate's degree to become a teacher's aide. With no prior experience, a New Jersey teacher's aide can receive on-the-job training.

Contact the New Jersey Department of Education to receive information on teacher's aide jobs. If you already know what school district you would like to work for, contact the school district to get information on applying for a teacher's aide position.

Apply to a college to complete an associate's degree. New Jersey requires that you have an associate's degree to meet the federal requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act.

Finish your required coursework to earn an associate's degree. You will need to complete at least 48 college credit hours.

Go to the ParaPro assessment website to prepare for the paraprofessional exam. The exam is used to certify teacher aides. The exam covers math, reading and writing. Call the school district where you wish to work to find out locations where you can take the exam.

Take the paraprofessional assessment exam. The exam includes 90 multiple choice questions and takes an estimated two-and-one-half-hours to complete.

Apply for a teachers' aide position at the location in New Jersey where you desire to work.


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