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Objectives for a Retail Resume

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A resume objective that is unrelated to the position you want or to the rest of your document content is of little value to potential employers. Your objective should be a concise statement, usually in the form of an action, such as "to sell iPads in an Apple store." Use the objective to explain why you want a specific opening in retail. Don't use acronyms or jargon that confuse the average reader. Ultimately, the objective should resemble the terminology in the job posting.

Going Basic

Some positions in retail are entry-level, and others are higher up in the retail organization. To begin at the bottom, write a basic objective like "seeking a position as a retail sales clerk." Better yet, specify more with with an objective like "secure a position in fine jewelry sales." If you want to become a leader in a retail organization, target leadership positions in local stores or positions in its regional, national or international offices. Explain how you want "to obtain a position developing employee learning and staff development programs in a discount grocery store chain."

Highlighting Credentials

Use the objective to share your desire to use post-secondary education or training in a retail organization. If you have a certificate in Internet marketing and want to help a retail organization build its brand by joining the marketing department, make the connection obvious. Say: "I'm seeking an online marketing position in a Fortune 500 retail company where my brand campaigns will help to exceed quarterly sales targets." If you want to work in a store and handle local accounts, be more specific: "to use my Internet marketing expertise as a marketing coordinator position in a local branch of a national retail chain."

Showing Interest

Your resume objective is a chance to show how you are willing to relocate where a job opportunity is or otherwise motivated to work for a particular company. If your goal is to work in Chicago, say that. To work in the research and development group in Chicago, you could write: "industrial designer with 20 years experience seeks R&D position in Chicago location of retail chain." Don't forget to pitch prior experience you've had with a company, either in the objective or in another written element of the resume.

Adding Voice

Connect with a hiring manager or recruiter on a more personal level by rewording the objective to sound more interesting. Don't say: "seeking to build on 10 years of furniture sales floor experience by joining management team." Do say: "Serious salesperson with 10 years experience at regional furniture chain seeks bright future at national furniture outlet in Florida." The addition of the word "serious" shows that you consider selling to be your profession; the addition of "bright future" demonstrates enthusiasm for entering a new company.