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Medical Billing Team-Building Exercises

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Medical billers and coders record and process patient information. This involves keeping track of details such as treatments, bills and insurance. They may also handle payments using coding systems. Working with numbers and performing administrative tasks, such as reviewing, processing submitting, can be tedious. Give your medical bill team members a break and help them develop critical skills to improve productivity and build good working relationships with some team-building exercises.

Breaking the Ice

Start a team-building event with an icebreaker. Ask each medical billing team member to write secretly write down two truths and a one lie about their career in medical billing, such as when they started, why they like the field or what interesting things have happened to them. Allow several minutes for open conversation. Encourage everyone to ask each other questions to get to know each other better and guess which is the lie that for each person. Then, gather everyone in a group and one by one repeat each statement. Have the group vote on which one is the lie. This exercise enable relationship building and encourages better communication to foster productivity in a medical billing office.

Using Games

Team-building exercises allow managers and employees to forget about work and socialize a bit. You can use games to improve communication and teamwork. For example, run a lunchtime competition. Divide your office staff into two teams. Set up board or card games or run a Bingo-like game with common medical codes. Encourage people who don't know each other well to play these games together. Each person wins points for her team. This typically builds camaraderie and improves morale. You can keep track of the winners in a spreadsheet. At the end of the day, reward the winning team with small prizes, such as movie tickets, gift cards, or coupons or print out certificates or diplomas for the champions.

Holding a Contest

Medical billing teams work together, even if they work from home offices, remote locations or in different departments, to meet deadlines and ensure proper procedures are followed. The work tends to be sedentary in nature. Conduct team-building exercises that let employees show their expertise in a lively manner. Divide a large group into two teams. Conduct a quiz show or spelling bee using medical billing terms and codes. Encourage people to get up and cheer for their team and have some fun.

Running a Scavenger Hunt

Medical billing requires employees to submit and follow up on claims with health insurance companies. This results in payment for services rendered by a health care provider. To do this well, employees need to manage time effectively, deal with medical billing errors and fix problems. To help a medical billing team learn to work more effectively together, conduct a scavenger hunt in the office. Divide the staff into two teams. Provide a list of clues for things related to relevant medical billing topics, such as new compliance program guidance for third-party medical billing companies. Encourage each team's members to work together to decipher clues quickly and accurately. Reward the first team that completes the hunt with a free lunch.


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