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How to Get Clients for a Home Medical Billing Business

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The success of your medical billing company hinges on building and maintaining successful relationships with medical practice clients in need of top-notch billing services. While the idea of soliciting medical professionals may seem daunting, marketing is an essential component of business for any entrepreneur. This article offers ideas on how to network effectively with others and market your billing company in a way that attracts clients and keeps them happy and satisfied.

Become an expert in medical billing for a specialty. Your company can develop a billing niche for a specialty, including mental health providers, urgent care centers, dentists, occupational and physical therapists, and others. When you narrow your focus by specializing, you can build a reputation for offering high-quality medical billing services in that particular field. Your company will be more attractive to medical professionals in this specialty, as they will assume you are more knowledgeable about their specific billing needs.

Familiarize yourself with the local medical community. Network with medical professionals whenever possible by attending seminars, conferences, health fairs, luncheons and other events. The more actively you build networks with medical professionals, the more opportunity you will have to meet potential clients. Consider joining committees and attending community events, including nonprofit events that medical professionals may frequent. These events may include cancer support organizations or other nonprofits focusing on various diseases and illnesses.

Develop professional marketing materials, and get them in the hands of potential billing clients. Your medical billing company's marketing materials should include a brochure and business cards. A website would amplify your outreach, and clients could access it at any time. Mail marketing materials to prospects or deliver them in person, asking to speak to the person or office manager who makes decisions regarding the practice's billing services. Follow up your visit or phone call with another phone call in a day or two.

Advertise your medical billing company as much as your budget allows. Along with your daily newspaper, consider ads in local medical publications. Advertise in medical or dental practice magazines and any other local newsletter or magazine frequently read by doctors and medical office professionals. Draw attention to your ad with special offers or introductory rates for new clients.

Know what your competition is doing and do it better. Stay competitive with other local medical billing companies; familiarize yourself with their rates and specializations, if any. Find out what their weaknesses are and how you can offer a more satisfying experience for your medical clients. Consider asking clients to complete surveys to determine what services they are most and least happy with. Take survey results seriously; improve upon procedures or policies that may be lacking for client practices.


Consider soliciting your own doctor or dentist as potential clients. Ask clients to refer you to others; offer a referral discount to them when you do business with their referrals. Acknowledge and appreciate clients' business by sending thank-you notes and cards. Carry business cards and brochures at all times; you never know when you will meet your next client.


If you don't know the specifics of a billing procedure your client is inquiring about, be truthful.