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Guessing Games to Play With Coworkers

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Guessing games are a fun team-building activity, perfect for new employees or a company retreat. The more you know about your co-workers, the better you can work together as a group. When playing guessing games, it's important to keep the activity clean, professional and office-friendly. When you're having fun, it's easy to forget that you're interacting with co-workers in a professional setting. Avoid remarks that may offend others, particularly remarks relating to gender, age, race or sexual innuendo. Inappropriate or potentially offensive remarks may be divisive and harmful to professional relationships.

Fun Facts

Getting-to-know-you games are an ideal team-building activity for employees at a new company or a group of new employees. Each person must write a fact on a piece of paper. This fact can be the person's name, professional credentials and experience, or fun facts, such as hobbies or interests. Pass the papers to a team leader who will quiz the group or ask each person to draw a piece of paper and guess which co-worker wrote the fact.


Play a guessing game about favorites by first selecting a topic like the favorite part of your job, a favorite film or a favorite hobby. Each co-worker must write their favorite on a piece of paper, which is then placed inside a hat or a bowl. Each person will draw a slip of paper and they must guess which co-worker wrote it. This helps to promote a sense of team and unity, which is important in many professions.

Pet Peeves

Each person must write down a pet peeve or dislike on a piece of paper. Use a theme for this guessing game, such as work-related pet peeves. Place each person's slip of paper in a hat or bowl, mix them up and pass around the container. Each person will draw another person's pet peeve and they must guess who wrote it. This activity helps you get to know your co-workers and it will help you avoid activities or actions that may annoy others.

Competitive Guessing Games

Many people enjoy competitive guessing games. If an individual makes an incorrect guess, they'll use up one of their strikes. If a player gets three strikes, they're out. Raise the stakes by playing "rounds" and disqualify players who make just one incorrect guess. Consider handing out some sort of prize to the winner, like first dibs on scheduling vacation time or a prime parking spot in the employee parking lot.

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